Making Day

making day.PNG

It was great to have some very focused time to sit down and just make, and I found it a very productive evening. For Task 2, I am trying not to think about the final product too much, at least not while I am making.

Making fractures images of the night sky, in an attempt to break it down into comprehensible compartmentalized fractures, I have been focusing on making them a handheld size, or in reference to the body. Starting with constellation boundaries that are established, but also by creating my own forms. Hands, star polygons, and soon to be feet, legs, other organic shapes, started to emerge from just putting brush to paper.

Taking these created fragments, I plan to frame them back into a recognizable image, likely a silhouette of a body, something we can touch and (mostly) understand.

Questions – of the void and the physical, how energy and matter (from stars) are represented, dark/light, space as a measurement of time/movement/change, absence and presence, myth as a form of understanding/making sense of the cosmos…




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