Bodies in Abstraction

The 2018 New Generation Photography Award finalists were just announced, awarded by the Canadian Photography Institute and Scotiabank. Two artists caught my attention from the list, for the tension between abstraction with representational elements in their work.

 40 x 50 Inches  Silver Gelatin Print

Francis Macchiagodena, Eclipses in the Realm, 2017


Montreal based artist, Francis Macchiagodena‘s “practice explores abstraction and its relationship to materiality and the human senses. The work considers the use of the photographic medium as an interrogation of the tension in distance, tactility and forms of matter as visual and tangible injunctions in perception. His abstract photography uses sound, light, heat and other phenomena in a way that reflects force, the organic, and the cosmic. ” (

Annie France Noël, Marees, 2017

From from Caraquet (NB), Annie France Noël‘s  “research is nestled in feminist photography. Interested in the complexities and plurality of others, the artist explores the human experience through portraiture. The object and the subject undergo a systematic deconstruction in order to break with the rigidity of social structures and embrace a redefined, reaffirmed and fluid expression of identity.” (

The tension in both their work between the recognizable and the unknown, leads to think about the work for longer, and try and find the ways in which my body might be represented in their work. The way the process affects the final result, creating loss of information, leaves room for the viewer and subjective interpretation.

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