Professional Practice Plan – In Progress

Aims for one year ahead

Public Profile: update website, CV and instagram accounts with new work.

Financial: Continue in role as Curator of Digital Engagement at Owens Art Gallery and focus on becoming more active as a curator outside of work as well.

Apply for artsNB career development grant to help offset tuition costs

Apply for artsNB Creation or Travel grant to sustain summer projects or participation in events.

Community: Maintain activity in the community by sitting on selection committees, continue to be involved in festivals like Boardertown and SappyFest and attend art related events when ever possible, including artist talks, opening receptions, workshops and contemporary art festivals.

Apply for more opportunities to exhibit/participate in festivals and zine fairs – Third Shift (April 1), Art in the Open (March 31), ArtCity (March 31), ConnectionARC, Perish Festival, TCAF, Comic arts Brooklyn, Arboretum… to expand audience but also develop relationships with the institutions/artist run centres running these events.

To achieve this: set aside 3 hours each week to work on proposal and create a better file management system to make this easier/faster.

Aims for three years ahead

Have MA Fine Arts completed – do this by setting aside weekly time for coursework, research (Saturday, Sunday, Mondays and evenings)

Public Profile: keep website updated (create deadline to do so every 3 months) and social media active (aim for at least 3 posts a week).  

Community: Broaden by exhibiting work outside of New Brunswick by applying for residencies through artist-run-centres, build relationships out of province through participation in zine fairs or contemporary art festivals.

Curate exhibitions with other emerging artists in public galleries, online or artist run centre spaces.

Financial: Apply for first Canada Council for the Arts Grant, Emerging Artist Level to create a new, post grad body of work. Use the momentum that the MA creates to keep going.

Use time that was preciously for MA work to split between making work, continued research and aim to spend more time on writing applications.

find grant opportunities to support publications/printing costs for curated exhibitions and my own.

Aims for five years ahead

Continue website maintenance, social media presence.

Continue to apply for residencies through artist-run-centres (and hopefully start to get them) and exhibit across Canada.

Start thinking about developing relationships outside of Canada and what that will entail.

Start thinking about Doctorate in art history?

Apply for sessional teaching positions at the undergraduate/college level







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