Cyanotype Workshop


This weekend I lead an introductory cyanotype workshop at Ateler D’Estampe Imago in Moncton, NB. This bilingual print studio is where I had worked in 2106/2017 as their emerging artist bursary recipient, so it was great to go back and share some of what I had experimented with while working there.

It was a busy week to prep everything and refresh my research notes, but it all came together and the participants all had great success with their prints. The studio was also very busy preparing for a new artist in residence to arrive, so I tried to take care of as much of the prep and communications on my own as possible.

The eight participants had all never made a cyanotype before, so we went though the whole process starting with the basics of coating paper, making negatives, exposing and developing. We also tried out some tea and coffee toning on prints I had already made and talked through bleaching.

In the 3 hour workshop there was just enough time for everyone to make about 5-8 prints. Imago’s exposure unit required an exposure time of 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness of their negatives. Here are a few of the images they made:

Examples of toned prints, original, green tea (purple) and coffee (dark blue)

I have given this workshop in a similar format a few times in the past, but I thought it would be useful to keep my outline and notes in my journal to look back on the next time.

Notes for future workshops:

  • let participants know timeline at the beginning of the workshop
  • start with a print already in the exposure unit so that the demo can happen in a tighter time line.
  • experiment with double exposure in second half of workshop.

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