Exploratory Project – Week Four

Archive Name: *GAZERs (Galactic Archive of Zenith Exploratory Reflections), reads Star Gazers

Zenith: “The zenith is an imaginary point directly “above” a particular location, on the imaginary celestial sphere. “Above” means in the vertical direction opposite to the apparent gravitational force at that location.”


Documenting the ongoing social history of stars, *GAZERs is open to all levels of astronomers and star gazers. The *GAZERs Archive accepts documentation of all zenith views, the view when you look directly up at the sky. Imagined and observed collections of stars alike are all accepted into this growing archive.

Documenting the ongoing social history of stars, *GAZERs collects facts, fiction and the ideas that float in between. Through collection, creation and preservation of the history of stars, the archive protects and promotes the human desire to gaze up at the stars and wonder “what could be up there?”.

Practical Notes: 

The archive will focus on collecting the zenith views of participants. though the actual views will likely be very similar, I expect major differences in the interpretation and transition to the page/carbon paper. By collecting over multiple days while the exhibition is installed, I image there will be some drawings that are meticulous copies, and others, that may not incorporate zenith views, but still fit conceptually within the archive.

First objects: 

Three imagined zenith views in progress. They are circles to mimic similar diagrams already exiting in history of astronomy books and medium of embroidering using hoops.


Practice layout for an accompanying zine that will incorporate the philosophy of the archive and examples of the social history of stars.


Online component Notes

Use Airtable to create a database that can be searched by date or content. Use Google Maps API to build expanding space with the ability for participants to leave pins and labels (marker labels), adding information to stars. Integrate both of these into wordpress website with information about the archive and my created examples.


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