Making Day

I found the making day to be a really productive time. I really appreciate the constraint of having to set aside time to sit down and work, and to try to do work that is not research or planning necessarily is always invigorating.

I started by working on some carbon paper drawings that will be placed in light boxes so you can see where the carbon has been rubbed away. This process is pretty finicky and requires little movement once my set up is in place, making it great for the making day.

By Layering paper strategically to limit how much pressure I apply to the back of the carbon paper using pencils and other tools like a sewing needle, Japanese punch, and pattern tracing tool, I can get different marks. It also results in a positive of my negative drawings being produced. By layering different projects I find these are becoming interesting drawings in themselves, showing the process, while the carbon paper shows it too but also the materiality.

Each 8.5 x 11 inches



The three large drawings above combine imagery of star fields with diagrammatic  representations of other information overlaid. These depict radiation patterns of other stars and the colour versus magnitude of deep space stars.

I think when they are in light boxes they will have some similarities to xrays, which I think works well in relation to the overall project of relating the cosmos to the body and conflating scale through interpretation of objective and subjective information.

Will be setting aside more time to just sit down and make.


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