Exploratory Project: Week Seven/Eight

I have been trying to work with Google Maps API to develop an interactive map that allows one of my drawing to be tiled endlessly and for users to be able to pick a star and tag it with a name or any other textual information they may want, but I am having trouble figuring out the coding on my own. I have enlisted the assistance of my partner Jacob to help me in figuring out where the code needs to go, but this will be an ongoing project.

In the meantime I have bought a domain, worked out format of the website archive and have made a submission page and about description: https://www.stargazearchive.xyz/

I have also fleshed out the performance element of this project, made myself a costume of a blazer and will be silk screening patches for me and all participants of the logo onto felt.

At the actual event participants can draw a zenith view on the large form, or opt to draw three individual stars on the small form. These will then be cut out by me right there and added to a slide holder, which I have used a silhouette cutter to make 200 of and then they can view their negative in a slide viewer.

file2 (1).jpeg
Test Slide in viewer, own work
file1 (1).jpeg
Slide Viewer, with own work inside
file (1).jpeg
Slide with hand for scale (2″x2″)
Second submission form, my work

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