Exploratory Project: Week Nine (Group Crit)

Meditating on the feedback from the group crit today, I have decided to focus in this project and make it more media focused.

I was thinking more about how the circle references the human eye, and a separation from photography and the way we are used to consuming images.  I think all works make from here on should reference this is someway.

Preparing the slide holders, own work 

I think the strength of this project is the interdisciplinary of it, but it may be best to make sure it is not trying to cover too much ground. I will focus on the participatory carbon paper and online works, and step back from the embroidery elements. They may work as a flag for the collection, but not as actually submissions in the archive. I think this makes more sense as a reference to the sky.

Looking at Katie’s suggestion of Timo Nasse’s use of constellations as a metaphor of time, I think there is a link to this project in the idea that representations of stars can be personal but still relate to a specific time. The skies are always changing with stars burning out, and our understanding of what we are looking at, is different that what stars may actually still exist, meaning that any representations can be ‘true’.

TIMO NASSERI, One and One #26, 2011, ink on paper, 104 × 148 cm. Courtesy the artist and Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah.
TIMO NASSERIOne and One #26, 2011, ink on paper, 104 × 148 cm. Courtesy the artist and Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah

Furthermore, this idea of putting our lives into perspective of the cosmos, differs between people as we are all coming to the same night sky but through radically different perspectives, relationships, and histories.


  • Consider hanging or projecting onto windows and ceilings
  • How will the online component be integrated into the installation
  • How do I react to the online submissions in real time during the performance

Next Steps:

  • finish patches
  • finish light boxes
  • Code in Google maps API and embed in website.
  • Scan drawings for zines
  • Use silhouette to cut cover of zines

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