Exploratory Project: Week Ten & Eleven

I have been a bit quiet on the journal lately as I have been trying to use my extra time to touch up the PPP, finish the contextual study to the best state that my time will allow, and spend some dedicated time in the studio away from the computer, so here is a bit of a catch up on the last two weeks.

I have just finished making up the lightboxes for the exploratory project, as well as 110 small 2”x2” hand draw slides. These works have been installed at Struts Gallery, which lends space to its membership for projects every spring and summer. In the space I have been experimenting with the installation, and was happiest with this final orientation, but I will also be trying a new arrangement next week while I have space.

I chose to work in a small space, where I could control the lighting, and keep the works tight to reference the salon cannon which this project openly goes against. As all submissions are welcome and will be show for equal amount of time in the rotating slide projector, this is as egalitarian as I can get in the limited gallery space.

Own Work, Installation view of wall pieces, carbon paper, card, led ligths and shadow boxes, dimensions variable, but wall is 86″ long


Mimicking some sort of museological display, I had a table in front of these works to lay out addition light boxes, the slide projector and a light table on which participants could pull slides form the archive and look at as many as they wanted.

View with table
Own Work, light table, card slide protectors, petridishes and carbon paper

On Friday May 4th the gallery had a small reception, and I invited attendees to submit to the archive. I am still waiting to get the documentation back, but I recieved a good number of submissions, from children and adults alike. Many of the drawings were of imagined stars and skies. The fantastical observations turned out beautiful in the carbon paper, which I will turn into slides and then add to the archive. The notes section of the form also turned out to be delightfully playful, and some notes ranges from just “M” from a 4 year old, to poems from adults.

Millie working on her submission to *GAZE

I am really please with the submissions, but think I could take on a more active performative role. I did not have time to finish the costume I was planning for this trial run, but I think it can be done, and if I change the installation to leave space for me to work on one side of the table, the dynamic of the archive could be more lively.

All in all, still lots of work to be done including website and work with the new submissions, but I will do a discreet performance and film that to convey my intentions.

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