A Short Break

The last weekend was a long one in Canada, and really one of the first spring feeling ones of the season. The urge to spend a bit of sun was just too strong for me to spend it in the studio.

file1-2.jpegVisiting the ocean and Fundy National park provided lots of time for quiet contemplation while walking and hiking. I thought about the MA has been going over all, what I feel I have gotten out of it, and how to tighten the resolve of the exploratory project.

I feel I may have stretched myself a bit too thin, and am wondering if the project I have been working on is not really a number of smaller projects, that I am trying to squish together conceptually.

I think this body of work can be broken up into three components. The wall works could be a series in and of themselves, the archive,


performance/participatory project and website function together, and the other carbon paper drawings that get used as site installations in windows is another thematic project. Thought they all are deing with similar subject matter and materiality, the breath of themes and issues these works are trying to tackle is getting a bit out of hand.

I am completely fine with this, and this it is an important way of working to recognize. Especially within the context of this Exloratory Project, I was trying to figure out how I could use this new (to me) material of carbon paper and performance within the themaic scope of my pre-existing practice.


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