Week 27 — External Influences

Hayley Lock Tutorial

In my tutorial with Hayley Lock discussed how the work is subtle, though is coming across in the areas I am hoping for, but most importantly she actually asked what is the criticality?  And I didn’t really know… lately I don;t feel that I have the strong why behind my work. What is this work critical of, what is it trying to achieve, who will it effect? Going forward I need to tune what I am trying to say and bring it forward in the work. Why do I need to make this work materially, what am I really trying to work out?

For online works: the medium is being tested, and these may still be some missing components. How can I continue to connect the physical with the online?

From our discussion, I also need to to consider that the audience may expect some interaction, or something in return, maybe a two way conversation. This may result in one project with many parts that has a common thread running throughout, but I should keep this idea conscious throughout my working.

Hayley also suggested to accumulate an audience through the live work, and encourage them to spread the work to their peers.

Going forward:

I will read Meeting the Universe Half Way, with a focus on how Barad describes the matter part of human existence, and how we exist as matter. From this reading consider how Agential realism effects our understandings of subjectivity and the being of the universe itself in relation to the work I am making.

Lastly, focus on the criticality of the work, find a clear position and bring it to the work/let the work bring it forward.



Kelly Jazvac Visiting Artist Talk

Last week Kelly Jazvac visited campus to give an artist talk as a part of the visiting artist program. For anyone interested, here is a full recording of the talk.

I didn’t know anything about Kelly’s work before the talk, but I was really glad to hear her speak, especially about her work that was so deeply tied to work with scientists specifically in the world of plastic pollution.

In her talk she described working with scientists to discover a new geological discovery called plastiglomerates. The discovery itself is fascinating (a man made combination of plastic waste and sediment from beach fires) but I was really interested in how she described presenting her findings in galleries as separate from the scientific paper she co-published, and how there is freedom to make larger statements in galleries that you just can’t in science without huge backing evidence.

I also really felt during her talk, that she was really trying to address some contemporary issues. Her work seemed to be actively calling attention to areas of plastic pollution we take for granted, but need large corporate action to address – bringing those issues to the forefront of the audiences minds.



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