Week 28 – Seven Sisters Online



After so much trial and error the site to accompany my series of embroidered cyanotypes is complete thanks to much assistance from my partner Jacob Puffer.

SevenSsisters.space assigns one word to every star making up the Pleiades asterism. Click every star, or just a few, to expose a rhizomatic poetic exploration of the seven sisters and the stories they can tell.

These poems are non linear, mostly from a first person perspective and could be read as a diary from the seven sisters, telling their myths from their own voices.

It is best viewed on a tablet of mobile device, but also works on browser. Ideally it would be included with the embroideries as a QR code or as a wall mounted tablet for the audience to interact with.

You can view it here: http://sevensisters.space/

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 11.02.44 AM

This week I also put up a small exhibition at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre Penny Gallery. It will be on view until 12 May.

This exhibition consisted of a series of 7 embroidered cyanotypes, a QR code to the web project and a take away zine. Each zine had a uniquely cyanotyped cover, and included all 7 poems, one for each major star in the Pleiades Asterism.



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