Week 33 – Final Weeks

Questions for Tutorial

  • I feel a certain pressure to tie up the loose ends of projects from earlier in the year, and that has taken time away from emerging work, is that ok? Should I leave things in progress? How do you even know when a project is really finished? I really feel I still have no idea bout this.
  • Avoiding burn out over summer? Suggestions of how to do this? Last summer I really dropped almost all of my making, because I found the spring so intense, but I don’t want that to happen this summer. How can I set myself a reasonable goal while trying to find some time to re-charge?
  • Which areas of inquiry would be best to continue to follow to push my practice for next year?
  • I feel like this year been having trouble really prioritizing within my studio practice. I have been feeling conflicted about how much time I should be making and how much researching, and applying to opportunities within the timeline of the course. Any advice on this would be appreciated.



Embossed Uranographia:

I am working to finish this embossed map of the night sky, but suddenly had to urge to change into a circular accordion book. The embossing has take so much time I am hesitant to cut all the bit up through.


tiny speaker to be embedded in cover which will play a recorded heat beat mixed with sound of hand running over embossed ‘stars’

Catharina Crater

I am in the middle of developing a browser based digital collage project which will involve clicking through multiple layers of images of the Caterina Crater. Some made by me and some found. Right now I am just collecting all the versions (Drawing, text, video, code) and would like to make some animated elements, maybe audio.

view-source:http://www.sevensisters.space/printabletest.htmlScreen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.57.16 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.57.23 AM
source code for catharina crater

Celestial Garden

Rooting the stars to earth, I have made a few drawings for a little zine of celestially named plants. I have mostly been working on this as a means to make drawings towards a larger goal.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.02.32 AM

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.02.19 AM.png





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