Reflection – Form, Frame, Fracture

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Having had a bit of time to step back from this work, take in the feedback from the group crit and think about how I can bring this work forward as a learning experience and time for experiementation, I have considered this small body of work to be in need of more time.

I agreed with most of the feedback that the labels seemed unintentional, but I do think they are necessary for the understanding of the work. I think the labels are what really helps lead this collection of drawings to refrenecemuseological displays, but that I need them all the be as intentional as the one I completed. I have thought about just starting to use labels that are prefabricated, and mix those with ones I might make.

I feel confident that there is something here about the translation of scale between the cosmos and the body, but this is not te end result todraw those connections together.